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If you enjoy meeting new people, we would love your smiling face to greet and welcome the local church family as they arrive at our weekend services.

Team Leader - Faye Barr

Lobby Hosts

Located in our lobbies, our main focus is to answer questions, connect with people, and pastor their environment.

Team Leader - Faye Barr

Parking Crew

Join our smiling (and sometimes dancing) parking lot crew to help the traffic flow during morning services.

Team Leader - Faye Barr


Everyone loves a refreshment served with a smile and friendly face. Join this awesome team in making sure our refreshement area is in perfect order.

Team Leader - Faye Barr

Cleaning Team

We need people to keep their eyes on people's comfort and hygiene needs whilst in the building for a service so this includes looking over the washrooms that they are refreshed/cleansed and topped up before the service and that carpeted areas are vacuumed  if necessary.

Team Leader - Faye Barr

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