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Prayer for Healthy Aging of the Brain

Lord, Your name is above every other name in heaven and in earth, above dementia and Alzheimer’s. I proclaim the blood of Jesus over my brain.

In Jesus’ name I command my vascular system to deliver sufficient blood and nutrients to my brain and body. I ask you Jesus to provide the correct amount of glucose needed to power my brain. I command any chronic inflammation to cease, in the name of Jesus.

In Jesus’ name, I command normal connectivity for all my neurons for strong learning and memory.

Jesus, bless the amyloid and tau proteins in my brain that they will function normally and not become toxic to my brain. I command that the microglia cells clear away any debris and keep the neurons healthy.

Holy Spirit, orchestrate new neuro-pathways to help me regain any lost function or capabilities. Rebuild the neurons and circuitry and clear away any blockages or disruptions.

Holy Spirit, brood over me during the night so that I sleep deeply and my brain will consolidate information and memories efficiently.

Give me wisdom and hope that I will be able to make the healthy choices needed to benefit my brain.

Jesus, help me to maintain a positive attitude focused on who You are and Your life within me so that my brain prospers and is healthy.



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