Chroma Kids

Children are integral to the church! We want to partner with God in nurturing His supernatural families. 

We aim to raise our youngest members in a biblical way, preparing them for the future that they’re going to shape. ​

We believe that the kids are an important part of our Church and so we want them to be actively involved in all that we do – worship, reading the Bible, praying, and sharing God’s heart for the sick, the poor and those that do not yet know Jesus.

WE ARE FAMILY - This is a children's ministry, but we also want it to be a family ministry where our children lead us into encounter with God, where family time is Jesus time, and where we don't just get the Jesus-fix for our kids on a Sunday morning! We have vision to bridge the generations and all rise up together for God's glory.

WE ARE SUPERNATURAL - There is no junior Holy Spirit. The same power that flows through our veins as adults is in our children as well.  We are going to activate the supernatural in our kids EVERY WEEK.  Get ready to see children praying for people in ministry times or handing out prophetic words to people God is highlighting to them!

WE ARE CREATIVE - Worship, dance, craft.  You name it, we'll be doing it.  Our expression of creativity as our gift to Jesus will be a focus of the children's ministry on a Sunday morning. We have a whole team of creatives ready to lead, teach and example our children into how to passionately love Jesus.

WE ARE BIBLE-LEARNERS - The Bible will the centre point of our teachings, which will take the form of craft, activities, talks and much more.  We will be teaching the stories of the Old and New Testament, and we're not just learning stories but learning how to apply them in our own lives and change the world through what we learn.

We do this by encouraging our children to meet with God through prayer, to listen to and respond to what He is saying through His Holy Spirit. Our hope is to see them become more like Jesus, in their character and to experience this life in the fullness of God’s Kingdom. The Lord has called us to be a multi-generational church that examples what it is to be a part of a heavenly family.​


Our Children's ministries are up and running every Sunday morning for babies and children up to year 6 age.

We value family time so we want our children to be a part of our worship times alongside their families. Please find a seat in the auditorium when you arrive, worship together and then sign your children in at 11am to their sessions.


We cannot wait to meet you and have some fun! 

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This is a family service that we regularly hold in the building. It is aimed at families with children under 10.

It will be an opportunity to worship, hear Bible stories, be creative, play games, grow in the prophetic and have lots of fun.

Please see our events page for details about our next Family Gatherings!

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Matthew & Trinity Harris lead a brilliant team of children and young people volunteers that help make all of this happen! 

If you have any questions or need more information click below to contact them!