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I'm Kim! I am 40 years old and have always lived in Birmingham. I am a mother to five and Grandma to one (for now). I've been working in education for over ten years and have a degree in Special Educational Needs with Deaf Studies and Inclusion.

More About Me

I have a passion to see children and young people achieve and succeed - everyone is capable with the right help, teaching, understanding and love. 

At Chroma Church I am a part of the Kids Ministry team.

I help to plan and lead sessions alongside a team for our wonderful children - where we learn about how awesome our Heavenly Father is, how wonderful Jesus is and how nurturing the Holy Spirit is. Each week I also compete to be the best dancer in the Kids Worship time! (I've not won yet)

I love my role because I have a passion to see children come to Jesus (luke 18.16). I think that they are adorable, fun  and they make me excited for the future of church- raising prayer warriors- 

I have a passion to see children and people connect with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit and to see them seek the God head for answers, guidance, encouragement and most of all love and acceptance. 

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