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I'm George! I love fun, I love Jesus and I love Birmingham, I have lived here for most of my life. I love the city and I’m convinced we are going to see revival break out all across it as we see more and more people meet the King of Kings face to face.

More About Me

I am passionate to see the gospel spread across this city like wildfire! I love Jesus and I love loving him. I’m passionate about seeing Him receive all the glory and honour and praise forever! I love to see a Church full of wild worshippers so fired up to see Him get the glory He deserves!


I feel so blessed to lead the Worship team here at Church and to also lead (alongside others) the compassion ministries we do in the community.


My role for Worship consists of working with an amazing team of people to facilitate worship and point us towards Jesus in a way that honours Him and see’s Him get the highest praise. We believe that something happens when we worship, something unlocks in the atmosphere. 

And my role for Compassion is to take Jesus outside the 4 walls of the Church with our acts and our compassion for others. There are so many around the city with so many different needs, so my role is to be creative in how we get out into the community and help those in need locally and wider around the city. With the help from the amazing generosity in the Church we are seeing people fed and cared for in Aston and Birmingham. 

So in all this, it inevitably means I am always be a point of contact for all things Worship & Compassion related.


I love what I do because I love this Church and I love what God is doing here. I love seeing a people hungry for God and for more of Him. I love to see people willing to unashamedly give Him everything because He is worthy! I love people and the connection I have with people. I am so passionate about seeing people set free from whatever is holding them back from who God has called them to be, so I have loved seeing this time and time again.


If you have any questions or would just love to chat, I would love to talk!

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