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Over the past few years I’ve had several Sozo sessions, all relating to broken relationships which involved healing from broken dreams and expectations. However, the one thing that has been with me since childhood was anxiety. It had become worse over time with more illogical thoughts, causing panic around every corner! Enough was enough, so I booked another Sozo.


I’m so glad I did! Holy Spirit put his finger on the spiritual cause of these (frequent) anxious episodes, and after the process of releasing this to Father God, I was overwhelmed by a new confidence and a new joy, I actually felt something shift in my inner being, and from that moment on to this day I walk my walk with Him with a new step... never anxious because I now know that there is no situation Father God cannot help me with.


Since being introduced to the Sozo Ministry, Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit have put me back together again bit by bit healed/restored me from a place of lost identity. I so recommend this ministry.

Sozo: Saved, Healed and Delivered. That’s me!

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